Why Metal Handrailing Is More Secure Than Plastic

Why Metal Handrailing Is More Secure Than Plastic

A handrail is necessary to enable children and the elderly to walk securely, but it is also a relaxing addition for other walkers. When installing a handrail alongside your stairs or outdoor walk, you may consider various options regarding materials. Metal is a better choice for handrails for the following reasons:

  • Metal is more durable
  • Metal requires less repair and maintenance
  • Metal is more secure
  • Metal is available in variety of colors and designs

There is no doubt that metal is a stronger material than plastic, and while plastic may seem to offer a cost advantage, in the long-run, metal will save you money. It is less likely to require repairs than plastic and is more firm and secure. Metal can hold more weight than plastic and is easier to clean. While plastic is rust-free, metal can be coated with materials that resist rust and adverse weather conditions?

In addition, metal is easier to maintain and than plastic, which can easily become dingy, particularly during the winter. Metal can also be coated with paint and beautiful, bright colors that may be harder to use on plastic. While plastic may seem to have some advantages, for durability, security and attractiveness, metal is the clear winner. For more information about handrail installation in La Mesa, click through this website.


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