Bothered and bewildered over bioplastics

It seems that there’s much confusion over bioplastics. There are biodegradable plastics, landfill-degradable plastics….read more


How to Repair the Plastic Lining in Your Pool

How to Repair the Plastic Lining in Your Pool

If the plastic lining of your pool gets a tear, it can be fixed. Fixing it quickly prevents further damage. Don’t let it get worse by using these steps to make repairs.


  1. Match the material you’re repairing. Cut a piece about two inches larger than the patch you’re fixing.
  2. Clean the area where the patch will go. Remove the algae and grime to make the patch stick better.
  3. Put the glue on one side of the patch. Make sure you’re using an underwater adhesive and follow its directions.
  4. Fold the patch in half, with the glued sides touching. Use goggles when you’re in the pool to locate the hole.
  5. Unfold the patch and place it on the hole. Press from the center out toward the sides. The patch should not move around, but it may move the excess adhesive out the edges.
  6. The patch needs to dry for 24 hours. Check it the next day to see it attached. If it didn’t, you will need to remove the patch and let it dry before you reapply it.


When you use your swimming pool on a regular basis, it’s almost inevitable that you may end up with a rip at some point. Instead of replacing the entire liner, visit this website for plastic repair in Escondido.

Reasons Plastic Welding can Help With Your Pool Needs

Reasons Plastic Welding can Help With Your Pool Needs

A swimming pool is a great thing for any family to have. It’s excellent for both entertainment and fun – it’s there when you need to cool down on a hot day, and it also serves as a great way to exercise. With all that a pool does for you, you should treat it right and perform regular maintenance. One of the most important tasks is looking out for problems like cracks in the tank. If left alone, this kind of problem can become a big issue. Be sure to take care of it as soon as possible and acquire the services of a professional plastic welder. This is a good idea for multiple reasons.

  • A professional will have access to some of the best and most current tools and materials available for the job.
  • They will also have the training and field experience needed to solve unique problems, and can design a plan of attack that is just right for your situation.
  • Expert work lasts beyond the initial job and should last for several years. A professional can leave you with advice that is highly useful in future maintenance and helps you take better care of your pool.

Having a pool in the backyard can provide any household with hours of fun over the years. It just makes sense to treat it well with all of the use you get out of it. Keep an eye out for issues and have them seen to right away. If you’re facing pool problems, visit this website to find a good plastics shop in Escondido.